Information Technology has become an increasing presence in our everyday lives, and will inevitably shape our cultures radically as we begin the 21st Century. We are arriving at a point in history where scientific and technological advancements have reduced physical distances, cultural divides as well as access to information. The global citizen is now more aware of his rights, of his liberties and that is where Civil Administration faces the challenge of meeting the expectations of people to deliver Governance and citizen-centric facilities in an efficient and timely manner.

Champhai District was set up in 1998, it shares its borders with Myanmar and the state of Manipur. Area-wise it is the third largest district in Mizoram, and its strategic location and historically significant landmarks contribute to its importance. In terms of infrastructure and development, there are still many areas where Champhai district and Mizoram as a whole can improve, and it is my hope that information technology can bridge this gap by facilitating time and cost efficient services to the people. E-Governance will eventually revolutionise Government functioning by empowering the people, demand accountability and transparency from the public officials and increase productivity by saving time and resources.

It is with this view of “Serving the people” better that a website for the Deputy Commissioner, Champhai has been created to achieve its intended objective by creating greater awareness amongst the public as also eliciting the much-valued feedback and suggestions aimed at constant improvement. I heartily congratulate all the concerned for their perseverant efforts and hard work in maintaining this website.