The Deputy Commisioners Office issues a temporary pass to those who are not of Mizo origin called the Inner Line Pass under the Inner Line Regulation Act of 1897.

1.Temporary ILP – The Resident Commissioner, Govt. of Mizoram at New Delhi, the liason Officer – Silchar, Shillong, Guwahati, Kolkatta, the Dy. Superintendent of Police-in-charge of Airport Security at Lengpui Officer-in-charge of Kanhmun Police Station, Administrative Officer, Bairabi and SDO© Ngopa are authorized to issue Temporary ILP in Form E for a period not exceeding 15(fifteen) days to bonafide visitors/tourists or business representatives with intimation to the concerned Deputy Commissioner. For a group of 4 or more persons Restricted Area Permit(RAP) can be obtained from the Government of Mizoram through Liason Officers posted at New Delhi, Kolkatta and Guwahati. For less than 4 persons RAP has to be obtained from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

2.Regular ILP – The Deputy Commissioner of Aizawl District,Champhai District, Lunglei District, Kolasib District, Mamit District, Serchhip District, Lawngtlai District and Saiha District or any other concerned subordinate officer authorized by them on their behalf shall be competent to issue regular ILP for a period not exceeding 6(six)months, subject to the avaibility of a sponsor who is a bonafide indigenous resident.
The following are the necessary steps to get Inner Line Pass :-
1.A person who wants to employ non-Mizo person(s) to work in Mizoram has to submit an application for a Provisional Permit written in plain paper and addressed to the Deputy Commissioner, Champhai.
2.The applicant for Inner Line Permit must enclose 4 passport size photographs each of the of the Sponsor and the pass holder
3.A regular Inner Line Permit is issued at the rate of Rs.200/-
4.A regular Inner Line Permit has a term of 18 months and it has to be renewed twice at an interval of every 6 months to be fully valid within these 18 months.
5.At the time of every renewal, an application form costing Rs.20/- has to be enclosed. The renewal fee is Rs.100/-
6.The Sponsor must present himself at the office in all matters related to Regular Inner Line Permit.
7.The following documents are needed for the application of a Regular Inner Line Permit :
•Form 'A' which can be bought for Rs. 20/-
•Temporary Inner Line Permit.
•Provisional Permit